Tuesday, October 23, 2012


haven't linked up in a couple of weeks, so i have a few photos to share!

my birthday ended with these beautiful alex&ani bracelets from my roommate and his girlfriend.  golf [obviously] and an anchor [for RI and to match my tattoo]!

so, i always drove by this beautiful tree on my way to work and always want to take a picture.  one day, i finally did and was sad because i got a telephone pole RIGHT in the middle.  the next day i drove by to try again and it was gone - crazy!

delicious drinks at our grand opening

how adorable are baby golf bags??

i told you i do awful stuff when i'm alone.  i especially can't wait to make these muffins for mike before he gets home!

2:45 pm update: i've done so much cleaning today on my day off that had another empty wipes container so i could make another one of these! now that i've worked so hard today, i'm going to reward myself with a manicure :)

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Kristen said...

Love the bracelet! I have an anchor tattoo on my foot!

Jane said...

I love the alex&ani bracelets! I really want one now! So cute! Why would anyone chop down that tree? It's so pretty! The first-t-ini looks sooo good!

ChatterBlossom said...

That is so weird with the tree!

Vi said...

Those golf bags are pretty adorable and I will have to add that drink to my files :) Sounds delish!

Megan said...

I have been seeing Alex & Ani bracelets EVERYWHERE! I love yours. Perhaps I should look into getting one. :) Also, that is too weird (and sad!) about the missing tree.

Nicole said...

That bracelet is GORGEOUS!

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