Monday, October 22, 2012

oh how i've missed you, pinterest!

so, like i said yesterday, i'm home alone for a few days.  so obviously i am monopolizing large spaces in the house at a time, wearing oversized sweats, and turning the tv up so loud that i can hear it in any room of the house.  you know, the normal stuff.

in all of this, i decided to reinvigorate my love for pinterest.  i haven't been pinning a lot lately, but there are a lot of pins stored up since i finished my pinterest april.  and for some reason, last night, i had a lot of ambition to finish some of these projects.  it's probably because i know i can clean up after myself as slowly as i want, and [like i said before] spread out across the house.

so, here are a few of the creations i made last night:

first i made some homemade cheese-its.  they didn't quite look like the photo but were pretty good!  they were also really easy.
i finally found the mystery mint chocolate chip cookies recipe! and i'm so glad i did!  the only thing i changed was adding a bag of andes baking bits instead of crushing my own mints.
i finished folding the bags for my plastic bag holder.  i also bought extra fabric so i can make more as we use more containers!
now i can get rid of some of the many plastic bags stuffed into the cracks in our kitchen island! weird storage system, right?

alright, so maybe i didn't make these - but i did eat like 3 oatmeal cream pies last night!

i also found this HYSTERICAL blog pinstrosity.  i definitely have a few of the "pinstrosities" shown in my own pin collection, so i might not being doing those anytime soon haha!  you HAVE to take a look!

one more thing: music monday. loving this maroon 5 song right now.  


ChatterBlossom said...

Wow! I'm impressed. I rarely actually do the things I pin, so good job!

FREE FALL said...

Hey Meg

Thanks for visiting my blog and left a lovely comment :)

your blog is great too ,want to follow each other ? I will follow u

hope u will follow me too.


Anonymous said...

I love that plastic bag holder!

Jamie said...

Those mint chocolate chip cookies look delicious. Thanks for linking up!

Amy said...

Stopping by from the Walk About link up! New follower! Those mint chocolate chip cookies look soooo good!

Would love to have you stop by & say hi!

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