Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"on october 3rd, he asked me what day it was," "it's october 3rd"

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to gwen stefani, tommy lee, dave winfield, dennis eckersley, fred couples, al sharpton, eric von detten, oj simpson's acquittal, shot heard 'round the world, buffalo wings, and ME!

thanks, google!

so far, my birthday week has been phenomenal!  of course it started at the ryder cup, then i went to my hometown to spend time with my friends and parents as well as do my golf marathon for charity yesterday [we played 144 holes!!].  today i had a wonderful surprise at work when my coworkers invited mike and my parents in for lunch, and tonight, after my little kids golf lesson, mike is taking me out for dinner!

brightest pink ever, i swear i think they could glow in the dark.  no instagram filter could do them justice.  even though it's an essie color, the actual color looks like this
ryder cup 
heading down to rhode island 
out with my friends from high school
golf marathon synchronized golfing
it rained... a lot; but we did it!
chili bar, flowers, balloons, a new golf themes desk and pen set, and cake!

i am such a lucky girl, and i can't wait to see what 24 has in store!!


Amanda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK! Looks like you're having a wonderful time celebrating, especially with that awesome manicure. I love that color :) Actually, I love any color pink, but that's just me.

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