Saturday, January 5, 2013

Your Buzzfeed Fix

I hope you all have heard of Buzzfeed
because it is an awesome website [especially the rewind section].

I've written a little about it before, but new things are popping up everyday.

Alright, here we go.  You just have to promise to click on at least one link because THEY ARE SO FUNNY.  

All photos are from the link above them, none of them are my own.  I tried to choose my personal favorites, but many of the times, you need the text to get the full effect.


Jane said...

I just died laughing at the 50 presents you'll never get again and a day at the mall in 2001. So true!

Anonymous said...

I love this site, we go on it at work on Friday;s! I wasn't feeling old but now I am!!! I can't believe babies born in 2000 will be teens this year.

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