Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Crazies: The Inside

Happy Santa Lucia Day, everyone!!! Does anyone else celebrate this holiday, too?  As you can see in the photo below, Santa Lucia dropped off a present at my parents' house last week for Mike and me to open today!  Today's posts is about all of our indoor Christmas spirit - enjoy and Happy Friday!

Last year, I wrote a post with photos of all of our Christmas decorations [inside and out], but this year, that just isn't enough.  We doubled our number of Christmas trees and definitely added to last year's lawn ornament count, so doubling the number of posts was more than necessary.  Since the outside still isn't done, here's how we've decorated the inside of our house this year:

Living Room: Let's start with our main tree.  This year, for the first time, we got a real tree and we love it!!!

We love just sitting in the living room, with the lights off, watching tv. /// And Ruxin looooves the tree!

I can't wait to put all of our presents under the tree, but there's no way there will be as many as last year when there were 5 of us! 

Some of my favorite ornaments [clockwise from top left]:
- My family always put the most beautiful and fragile ornaments on top [probably because I was a little terror], so we continued that... and I think we still need a tree topper
- I love this series from Hallmark and am so sad this is the last year: Mickey's Christmas Carol
- Starting in 2010, I made an ornament with the names of all the people living in the house, there are a lot of different names on the past 4 years' ornaments!

Dining Room: I remember back in 2010 [when I wasn't even living there yet], I insisted that they get a tree.  They got this really cute pre-lit floor-model tree from Walmart with a total of $5 worth of ornaments from Target [$1 rolls of sparkly ornaments!].  Here it is in 2011 and our Christmas photo in front of it in 2012.  Well, the lights have stopped working, but we still thought it'd be fun to put it up.  We combined our first ever tree with my parents' first ever glass ball ornaments from 1978 when they were first married.  We think it's perfect.  

Can we just talk about how evil my cats are with the decorations?  FYI, they are NOT allowed on either of these tables and never go on them except when there are exciting decorations with which to play. 

Kitchen: Of course, I had to make another paint chip garland.  I think you all understand my obsession with them [Example A & Example B].  I really like how this one turned out, and I love that we've found a permanent place for each holiday's garland in our kitchen.

Today, I'm linking up with some lovely ladies for the Christmas Decorations link up


Anonymous said...

You are so crafty with the paint chips! I love your tree... the purple lights are so pretty!

Nichole @ said...

I love the garland! I am on a garland kick this season, it seems.

Jen said...

I love everything! You are so talented my friend. :)

Nicole said...

Your tree is so big and full. I love it! I am also a Hallmark ornament fan. My favorite series is Snow Buddies.luckily the series is still going strong :) I wanted to share I tagged you in the Christmas Tag going around. Visit my blog if you'd like to play along!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Love the garland!

Patty said...

Everything looks so festive I love it. That ornament garland is so cute!

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