Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Recap: Snowy NYC

On Saturday, Mike and I took the train to NYC for the day.  We hadn't been in two years, and we love going to see all of the Christmas decorations.  We started hearing about this crazy snow storm hitting the Northeast on Wednesday... exactly one day after I purchased our NBC Studio Tour and Top of the Rock tickets, so we were going no matter what!

Friday night we decided to have a low-key night in preparation for our early train, but Mike told me he had a surprise funventure to take me on [yes, that's one of our favorite made up words].  We drove for about a half hour into the country and pulled over on the side of the road to a completely dark house.  He told me that this house is famous for it's Christmas light shows, and we were there to see one.  It was amazing and choreographed to music on the radio!!  As it that wasn't enough, on our way back home, we stopped at another huge light display in Hartford - both were amazing!

The Holiday Light Fantasia drive

On Saturday morning, we were up early and made our train just in time!  We had a fantastic time and the snow didn't stop us one bit!  We went to Macy's, Magnolia Bakery [my favorite], Rockefeller Plaza, Saks, the Majestic Deli [Mike's favorite], and Times Square!



30 Rock /// Hanging out with Kenneth Parcell at the NBC Studio Tour

Top of the Rock


Saks Fifth Avenue

Times Square /// more Magnolia in Grand Central for a train snack!

As I write this [on Sunday], I'm sitting on the couch, looking at the 8 or so inches outside, wrapping presents, and watching endless Christmas movies.  So far, I've watched: "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas," "Mickey's Christmas Carol," "Prep and Landing" [1 & 2], and "Muppet Christmas Carol."  I've DVR'd everything on ABC Family and I can't wait to break open this stash this week!

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Rachel T. said...

I love Magnolia too!

Jen said...

NYC is such an amazing place, I'm glad we visited before we left the east coast.

Heather @ From Here to There said...

Your funventure is possimpable!

So jealous of NYC, never been.... but I have plans too... in like September or something. I'll be up North for a reason i don't quite remember right now.... but yeah, NYC next year! woo hoo!

Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

I feel like everyone was in NY this past weekend. We were supposed to go but with the storm I got nervous and chickened out. Wishing I went now! I'm sure the snow made everything beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You're making me want to go back to NYC! Wow you all got a lot more snow than we did! Glad you are safe and warm inside. p.s. we watched Mickey's Christmas Carol this weekend too! :)

Kristina said...

I'm so bummed I didn't make it this year. My prego butt could have never done it. It looks like you had a great time!! Brian and I love to go on trips to see the Christmas lights. We go every year. I think we are going tonight before another storm hits tomorrow night :(

Patty said...

How fun!!! Those lights look amazing. Those cupcakes look so yummy!!!!

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