Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Gift Giving: Stocking Stuffers from Influenster

Ever since I was little, stockings have been one of my absolute favorite parts of Christmas.  What I enjoy most about them is that they're a mix of useful things in your life as well as a little fun.  Growing up, I always had a few traditional things in my stocking: underwear, L'eggs, tissues, hair bands and bows, lottery tickets, a box of chocolate covered cherries, and mixed in were fun surprises I could really use but I might not always buy for myself.

Over the last few years living with Mike, I was always in charge of the stockings.  I tried to keep the same theme of usefulness, but also with some fun [mainly, nips].  

What I love about Influenster is that many of their products share the same theme as my stocking, useful, but not always something I'd purchase for myself.  A lot of the time, I stray from buying new things that I'm not sure if I'd like in fear of not liking it, but after trying many new products from Influenster, I've purchased my own to use AND even give as gifts!

Last week, I received my third VoxBox: the Violet VoxBox.  

Everything I was sent in the VoxBox would definitely make a great stocking stuffer!  Here's the breakdown:

1. Goody Athletique Headband: I've used this while on my elliptical and it seems to hold in place really well.  I also like the neutral color and adjustable velcro; I always tend to stretch out running headbands, then can't wear them, so this one solves that problem.  My only gripe with it is that it's a bit big.  In my photo here on Twitter you can see on the right how much extra band there is... and trust me, I have a big head. (8/10)  

2. Goody Quikstyle Paddle Brush: Funny story, Mike and I saw this when we were shopping on Black Friday and almost bought it.  It's such a cool idea to have microfiber bristles intertwined in the brush for easy drying and styling!  I don't see a huge difference in drying time, but it feels really nice (here's a photo I tweeted of the microfiber bristles that make the brush so great).  (7/10)

3. Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish in Vanity Flare: I really like Sally Hansen polish, this color, and the way it brushes on.  It has a curved brush, instead of a regular, straight one, so it makes painting easier as it contour to your nail better.  In real life, it's more of a red-purple than a blue-purple like you see above.  This could definitely be my Christmas color this year (check out my instagram video)! (9/10)

4. SoyJoy Bar in Banana: I really like the idea of these bars, and the banana smelled good, but it was very dry and did not have a lot of taste.  I would definitely give these a second try, but in either dark chocolate cherry or mango coconut (here's a photo of my SoyJoy bar ). (4/10)

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 

Other stocking stuffer ideas courtesy of Influenster:
- Not Your Mother's Hair Products
- Olay Fresh Effects
Dasani Drops
[I'd love the next two, but just make sure you don't send the wrong message...]
- Skinnygirl Bars 
- Secret Clinical Strength

If you would like me to send you an Influenster invitation, just comment below to start reviewing products for yourself!

2013 Holiday Gift Giving:


Purrincup said...

Lucky, you got the hairbrush. I was hopping to get it. Still grateful that I got a box though. Stocking stuffers are awesome. I'd rather have one big stuffed stocking that 1 "big" present.

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