Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kitchen Mix Up #3: The Tasting

Welcome back to the third Kitchen Mix Up!


We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and holiday season and could maybe even incorporate this month's ingredients into some holiday baking!

Do you have ideas for ingredients?  Send them our way!  Even if you might not want to participate yourself, definitely comment or email us with what you'd like to see us cook or bake with!  This month, our "popcorn" and "chocolate" ingredients came from Heather!  

The Guidelines:
- "Open The Basket" on the first Tuesday of the month to see your ingredients and sign up.  
- Cook/Bake/Fry/Grill an original recipe using the four ingredients.
- Use any other ingredients you wish.
- Link up with our "Tasting" on the last Tuesday of the month with your recipe and/or photos of your creation.
- Use our button if you wish!

Here's what I made:
Shadow was a big fan of these ingredients

Recipe #1: Sweet and Salty New Year's Confetti Cookies

Recipe #2 [left]: Mint Chocolate Popcorn Bark
Ingredients: 1 bag of Nestle Winter Dark Chocolate and Mint morsels, 1/2 bag natural flavor popcorn, MMs, and sprinkles
Directions: Melt Nestle chips and spread onto bottom of cookie sheet.  Top with popped popcorn, candy, and sprinkles.

Recipe #3 [right]: Christmas Candy Corn
Ingredients: 1 cup of Nestle Dark Chocolate morsels, 1 cup of Nestle White Chocolate morsels, 1/2 bag natural flavor popcorn, MMs, and sprinkles
Directions: Melt morsels.  Spread popped corn onto wax paper-lines cookie sheet, drizzle dark and white chocolate onto morsels.  Top with sprinkles and MMs.



Amanda @ Mandaloves Blog said...

Such a cute picture of shadow :) These we're my favorite ingredients so far!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

OO that looks awesome! Merry CHristmas and Happy New Year!

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