Thursday, April 3, 2014

Stuff and Things

Linking up with Kristin today!!
  • Hey it's my half birthday!  Lots of fun things are going to happen in my 25th and a half year!
  • It's Thursday, so #TBT!  I loooove spring and can't wait to start running and riding my bike.  I freakin' loved that Big Bird bike!!

  • Baseball Opening Day was this week.  I LOVE baseball season: it means summer and Yankees and our annual trip to Cooperstown, NY.  I saw this commercial on ESPN and just died:

  • Seriously, this cat!  She is a nut job!  I took that drawer out for 2 minutes to find a menu!  Below is also her inspecting Mike's basement work and her fascination with his office.  She cries if she can't sit on his lap.  Oh, and you know her sister isn't going to let her have all the attention, Rox love jumping up on the toilet now too.  

  • I do this thing where if I'm leaving to go somewhere, I record the show I'm watching to finish watching it later.  These shows sit on my DVR for like 6 months and then I delete them.  I love flipping between like 4 channels during commercials - is that weird?  The ONLY exception to this was a JT movie from 2011 called "In Time."  It was on after a random episode of HIMYM on FXX and it just sucked me in!  Honestly, I kind of enjoyed it. 
  • My calligraphy set just got here... my plan is to address all of our wedding invitations myself... wish me luck.  Oh, and of course my parents would live in "Rhode Island," can't wait to write that out over 100 times for the return address alone.
  • HIMYM.  Oh, HIMYM.  There will not be any true spoilers here, promise, but wow, just wow.  Honestly, Mike and I loved it.  It was so perfect!  We cried, don't judge.  You want to talk HIMYM, leave me a comment and I'll email you ;)
  • I've had so much fun finding things I love for my Bliss linkup with Heather, but I just could not wait until the end of April to share these.  You need to go out and buy them now: Mega Stuffed Oreos.  AMAZING.


Jessica said...

Hahaha, ESPN always has the best commercials!! And mega stuffed oreos...oh my gosh, those look amazing!

Carly said...

How good do those oreos look?! Cats always NEED to be right in the middle of everything you're doing-- too funny!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Not a Ted fan so I dropped HIMYM years ago, but I know a lot of people were happy with the ending which is always great.

Happy half birthday!

Rebecca Jo said...

Hope those hands hold out for addressing all those envelopes!!!!

That Big Bird Trike is probably worth big bucks today :)

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Your cats are too funny! Those Oreos are huge!!

Nikki said...

Happy Half Birthday!

Those freaking oreos OMG I NEED them! I LOVE double stuffed I am sure I would love MEGA stuffed! NEEEEEEEEED

That cat omg hysterical!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I loved everything but the last 3 minutes of HIMYM. Hated that he went back to Robin, just hated it. I was so in love with the actual chemistry between he and the mother, I feel like explaining the story so that he could just go get Robin totally cheapened Tracy being the real love of his life. (Wayyy too much analysis, I realize this, haha). Otherwise, I liked all the other twists and turns!

Jen said...

We are going to our first local baseball game in a few weeks and I am ridiculously excited lol.

Kristin said...

I record random "whatever I happen to be watching" shows too! And I tell myself I'll go back and finish them later and I never do.

Thanks for linking up, Meg!

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