Wednesday, March 14, 2012

color me rad, please!

okay, so i decided on my next race. as some of you might know, i finished my first half marathon back in january in disney world.  you can see a bit about my run here [disclaimer: this was back in my much more primitive blogging days, so there isn't much substance haha]. 

color me rad. [<<click there <<] you have to watch the video - i am so pumped, i want to go running right now to get ready! the best part is that the hartford race is only minutes from my house!  i am in the process of creating a team.  it looks like my roommates, a few friends, and maybe even some family might run with me! now i just have to wait until may.... 

here are some photos from their website:

5 kilometers worth of awesome fun, right??? 

it has also been in the 60s all week in connecticut, and in addition to the spring-forward last sunday, i can feel myself getting back into daily runs soon!  they say it might be 80 next week! yaaayyy!!! i LOVE warm weather.  

so: i have this theory that the seasons are permanently messed up.  we had a crazy blizzard in october, and not much snow since then.  if you think of new england as skipping the real october and november, and the snow as happening in what should have been december, then right now [5 months later] it would be may, and 75 degrees sounds about right for may weather, right?  the way we are headed now, it's going to be cold again by august! [although i really hope we just have the longest summer ever :) ] crazy theory over.

on another note, my cupcakes were a hit with my roommates and coworkers today! you might have looked at my post and wondered what i did with all of the cutouts i took out to fill the cupcake with ganache.  well, i mixed that with the extra ganache, piped the extra frosting on top, and made my own trifle! yummm

now, i sit here watching cupcake wars [girl scouts episode], texting my friend kate about what cupcakes i should make next.  she'll be my assistant when i someday, somehow make it on the show.  she wants me to make maple bacon cupcakes... interesting, and i'm willing to try anything!!

are there any other crazy recipes or ingredients anyone would like me to attempt to make into a cupcake?


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