Sunday, March 25, 2012

fake it 'til you make it: coach training 2012

phew, finally home from my whirlwind business trip to phoenix.  it was such an amazing experience.  i met so many great first tee coaches from around the country.  we all had the opportunity to improve on our teaching of golf skills as well as learn new and engaging ways to the the first tee's life skills curriculum.

my boss and i got into arizona an hour ahead of schedule at 10:00 (their time).  the training didn't start until 2:00, so we played their 9-hole short course three times.  the scenery was magnificent.  we were at the base of south mountain, and the sun shined for three days straight... i got a tad bit burned.

on the first day we broke up into teams that we stayed with for most of the trip; we created lesson plans, participated in activities pretending to be our kids, and performed our lesson plan for participants from phoenix.  they loved it!

the first hole at phoenix's short course
3rd hole
how cute!?!

the green machine
craig's and my "hey mom, look i didn't have to take a photo of the scenery by myself because i made a friend" picture
awesome mountains and plateaus that just pop up across the city
3 hours early to the airport? buy a cactus and drink a few coronas
we left yesterday at 7:00 pm (pacific) and got back [by way of san francisco and new jersey] at 10:30 am (eastern).  phew, what a long day, but it was so worth it to have this experience.

[oh, and the title of this post was a funny quote one of the fellow coaches said on the first day when asked how to best teach the kids - awesome.]


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