Friday, March 16, 2012

i [shamrock] st. patty's day

happy st. patty's day weekend! 

st. patty's day has always been a big deal, even though my family is northern irish. starting in pre-school, i always had an entirely green outfit and green carnation corsage from my dad to wear to school.  in middle and high school i was always the kid who brought in shamrock cupcakes. so it just makes sense that i would go to a predominantly irish-catholc college where st. patty's day is at least a weekend, if not a full week event.

st. patty's days past...

2009 - lots of irish kids
2009 - roomies
2010 - one of the first times i met mike
2010 - not just jello shots: jello bowls
even after college, why not make st. patty's a weekend event... that starts on thursday... with car bombs!
jeff's, mike's, and my car bomb... can you guess whose is whose?
my guys did car bombs before and during every uconn ncaa tourney game last year when they won the national championship, so it made sense to do it again this year.  sadly, uconn lost :( but i imagine more car bombs will still be done during the next couple weeks of march madness.

and now, for our 3rd st. patty's day together, mike and i are sipping green wine (if you remember, he gave up beer for lent... but he took his one cheat yesterday for car bombs), and we are finally starting the show 24 from the very beginning.  he has watched every season, and i have seen all but 3 and 4 i think.  we have been meaning to do this since i moved in in june.  let's see how late we can stay up tonight!

green food coloring magic 


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