Sunday, March 18, 2012

my spring wardrobe and st. patty's day

this weekend i decided to go shopping for big-girlish clothes.  i have been working at my job for 10 months now [wow!!] and have finally figured out what i like to wear at work.  while it's great because i can dress fairly casually, it's also difficult because i have to have at least 3 different wardrobes [as seen in my closet below]. 

i have a golf wardrobe for spring and fall lessons as well as directing summer camp [top left]. i have tons of vests, outerwear, wind jackets, etc. for when i go into schools and do golf outreach indoors at boys & girls clubs and ymcas [bottom left] and my office wear [right side]. oh, and i'm also obsessed with camis and scarves haha.

everything you see here was either bought on clearance or at an outlet.  i usually hate to spend money on clothes.  for example: in the lessons/camp section, i have 68 golf polos.  11 were given to me by my college golf program or work, and 49 were bought for either $5 or $2 at an awesome golf outlet i go to yearly.  that means only 8 were bought full price. not bad, huh?

okay, so back to my shopping adventure.  i went to forever 21 this weekend and bought a bunch of new spring clothes for my office wear.

2 tees, 2 camis, 2 pairs of shorts [with belts], 1 pair of pants [with a belt - i love free belts!], 3 dressy shirts [obsessed with the white one], and a scarf all for $85! those yellow tags you see are 50% off tags.

usually i go to forever and buy individual pieces, but this time i decided to invest a little more money so i can make multiple outfits.  btw i am sooo excited for this spring's colors!

i put my first outfit together yesterday when mike and i went to westerly.

this outfit: top, cami, scarf, shorts, shoes (payless last year) was under $35!
thanks for taking the picture, mike! he made sure to get our pretty house in the background... and you can see our tulips beginning to come up on the right side (in march???)
westerly was awesome.  i saw my kitties and we went to watch hill.  they are doing tonssss of construction! last time they did construction, i put my initials in the cement so i had to make sure i got a picture in case they tear that up too!

with robbie and stan
that's the fire hydrant on the left side of the street
that's me... 5 years ago
super calm day
at night, mike and i came back to ct and spent the night with roommates and friends at our new downstairs bar!  i'll have a post about our basement renovation and bar soon!

we love quarters!


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Cute outfit and cute blog! I love that peachy colored top!

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