Friday, March 9, 2012

the last 48 hours

i have spent the last 48 hours learning and researching more about the invisible children and kony 2012.  i am more passionate than ever to help this cause.  i have linked the video on my facebook, tweeted about it, written letters to congressmen in rhode island and connecticut, and i hope this is only the beginning.

only fueling my passion to help, i have read the protests and sarcasm by plenty of objectors and am very disappointed by many of these outspoken americans.  many of them grew up in quaint new england towns with nuclear families, and have never left their little, suburban bubbles.  how can you, who were so lucky to be born where and when you were, speak so negatively of people who travel halfway across across the world to take action for the rights of children? joining kony 2012 groups to make fun of them is not acceptable. you are a human being; not accepting the cause and choosing to turn your head is one thing, but speaking out against people who are trying to help their fellow human beings is quite another.

i just don't get it.  if someone is trying to help a cause by spreading the word, acting, and reading about it, how could that be worthy of laughter? young americans are trying to educate themselves, and it makes me physically ill to think about the number of people who are so against this movement.  

okay, there is my rant, from here on out, i will only speak positively of kony 2012 as i attempt to generate awareness.  however, i feel it was my right to acknowledge that not everyone feels the same way as me. [the first two posts pertain most closely to my opinions]


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