Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the best weekend ever: [finally] part 6

okay, so, memorial day weekend brought: a color race, awesome fooddave matthews bandtime with familyand more amazing food.  now i am onto my last post about how my weekend started and ended - with golf.

on friday, my boss and my mentor brought me down to the country club where i would be playing the ct women's open the following monday and tuesday.  this tournament would be my first competitive golf rounds since i finished college golf, about 13 months earlier.  

a few weeks back, i had played the course with my swing coach and shot an 82.  i was very happy to have another practice round to try and improve that score, but i shot another 82.  since i have been working so much, i have probably only played 5 rounds of golf so far this year, so i wasn't expecting to do phenomenally.  [to put it in perspective, in during high school and college i probably would have already played at least 30 rounds of golf by the end of may.]  

i was really happy to have the chance to play in a tournament.  additionally, the open was for amateurs [like me] and professionals, so the competition would be reeeeally good and from all over the country.

after golf on friday, we went to a cute little seafood place on the water - it was delicious.

i played golf on monday with mike and my dad, so i was ready, but tuesday morning i was still nervous.  my parents and mike came to watch, and i had a great time.  the first day i was paired with two professionals, one of whom i played against in college, so it was nice to see a familiar face.  i played pretty solidly, and shot a 79.  i was ecstatic.

the second day, instead of being paired randomly like on day one, we were paired by our day one scores. the other 2 girls i played with on day two were amateurs.  we had a lot of fun!  as i always do when playing with new people, i always ask the typical questions: "where are you from?" "where do/did you go to school?" "how long have you been golfing?"  well, when i asked one of the girls in my group this, she and i came to a funny realization, she had my ex-boyfriend as a math teacher - how weird is that?  and even funnier/stranger, he had showed his students our prom pictures right around their prom.  after all of this, when she told me that she thought i looked familiar at the beginning of the round, who would have known it would be from a prom photo from six years earlier?

seriously, was this 2006 or 1976??
me and my sister at my senior prom
okay, back to golf - so, i also shot a 79 on the second day.  i was really happy!  i ended up tying for 5th among amateurs and tying for 22nd overall.

here are a few photos from the tournament!


Eloise and things said...

Your golf swing looks amazing! actual golfing as far fetched as it seems to me is defiantly on my bucket list! happy to be your newest follower! xx Elly @ jazzlipsandtulips

Meg said...

Thanks, Elly! You should definitely get into golf, it's such a fun and relaxing way to spend time outside :) Thanks for reading!!

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