Tuesday, June 12, 2012

more updates and changes!

so, since my last day off, last tuesday, i have worked over 65 hours. oy, that's a lot.

look at the great tournament we had to raise money for the kids!

and the amazing flowers mike won me in the tourney's raffle!

also, one of my kiddos gave me flowers on the last day of golf lessons :)

in addition to working a whole bunch, we have doing a bit of remodeling at the house.  

i already showed you the kitchen and backyard updates, but here is what we've changed since then...

sun room updates:
our old furniture 
messy transition period
new sun room ready for summer! does this furniture look familiar??
roxy loves it too!
the first piece of furniture [the only one that won't fit in the dining room] from mike's family!

dining room updates:
old set up
new furniture!
kitten loves it
still waiting for the large sideboard and china cabinet... and in the meantime, here's all my baking stuff!

upstairs bedroom updates:
we got all the gross lime green painted over wallpaper off the ex-roommate's walls last night, and boy was it gratifying!
next projects:
- paint the upstairs bedroom any paint color suggestions for this room?
- make my backyard wildflowers grow!
- clean the breezeway


Leah R said...

You made all those changes since I've been there?! Damn ya'll work fast!

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