Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of july foods

i love the fourth of july, and i had the best day yesterday with my roommates and friends, but more about that later.  today is just about the food, and awesome food at that!

red, white, and blue bagel from brueggers!

the spread 
white chocolate strawberries covered in blue sugar and red, white, and blue jello shots*
pulled bbq chicken sandwiches

and dinner:
jeff made the most fantastic bbq/teriyaki/a1/worcestershire burgers ever
* jello shots: red = raspberry and peach jellos with gummy vodka; white = vodka with a splash of berry seltzer; blue = berry blue jello with gummy vodka.  


Anonymous said...

Those bagels are slightly terrifying. But looks delicious.
I just started following you. Love your blog, especially your background. Follow me back if you like my blog!

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