Monday, July 30, 2012

camelbaks are AWESOME

mike has had a camelbak forever for biking, and i have always been envious - they are so cool!  this weekend, he surprised me with one!  we went to ems and he let me pick one.  i chose this one, and it is absolutely awesome.  his reason for getting one for me was to get me to go biking more [which i SURELY will], but shortly after purchasing it, i realized it would also be perfect for work.  spending 7 hours out on a golf course is tiring and hot, and it's perfect to store water [obviously], my phone, schedule, sunscreen, and band-aids [i'm also the camp medical director].  for the past three weeks, i have only been able to wear my golf skirts/shorts that have pockets, but now i can wear all my clothes.  small miracles!

seriously, best boyfriend and purchase everrrrr.

not to mention, all of the girls who started camp with me today LOVED it.  i wouldn't be surprised if four or five of them came with them tomorrow haha.
thanks to my fellow coach for this shot haha
this week is a specialty week for camp; there are two camps going on at the same time but entirely independent of each other.  camp [for the other 6 weeks] begins at age 7, but this week there is a half day camp for 5 & 6 year olds as well as a girls only camp.  the 18 girls i had today were phenomenal!


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