Tuesday, July 31, 2012

not every recipe is blog-worthy

i tend to post a lot of recipes.  almost all of them are either my own creations or my mom's family recipes.  lately i have been working on making some new and unique cupcakes, mostly with fruit.  i follow a lot of recipe/diy blogs, and i always see these amazing and beautiful concoctions.  my creations lately have been everything but amazing... or delicious.  it made me wonder, do other bloggers plan and photograph recipes that turn out awfully that they'll never share? gosh, i hope so; i don't want to be alone!

here are a couple of my failed attempts:

1. chocolate raspberry cupcakes: my aunt's chocolate cake recipe with 3/4 of a can of raspberry cake filling in the batter. the cake was really good, except for the bit of additional raspberry filling i put in the batter sunk down to the bottom of the cupcake.  overall, the frosting was the real nightmare; not a great consistency and it had just a sweet, not raspberry taste.
well that didn't work
womp womp and gross frosting...
2. peach cupcakes: used a vanilla cake recipe and put in three pureed peaches.  three peaches didn't make it taste peachy at all! as for the frosting... with three more peaches - still no peach taste. so disappointing!

seriously, how can you tell me that wasn't enough to make a peach taste?
well, needless to say, no baker is perfect.  but, luckily, i got this great book as a present when i was in cooperstown, and i cannot wait to start making some of these cupcakes!

i cannot wait to make these!


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