Thursday, August 2, 2012


my office is officially a month away from moving.  it seems like just yesterday the project was barely off the ground.  we get our c.o. [certificate of occupancy] on august 31st!

the soon-to-be site of my office is where i currently teach for summer camp.  we have had a 4-hole golf course and teaching facility there for a couple of years now.  it'll be so nice to have everything in one place!  the site is only a couple of miles from my current office, but i go a completely different way to get to and from there versus my old office.

last week i stopped at a grocery store on my new route home.  sharing a parking lot with that grocery store is a goodwill.  i had a couple of extra minutes, so i decided to stop inside.  it was awesome. like seriously.

i only spent $9, but two great things: a houndstooth 3/4 length blazer and a business card holder.

so close to done!


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