Tuesday, August 21, 2012

maine: the food

this weekend, for probably the first time since i was home at my parents' house during college vacations, i ate three home-cooked meals a day.  it was wonderful and all-around delicious.

here is a another look at my weekend in maine via the food.

friday night: anyone ever been to a friendly's? they are going into bankruptcy, but we found one still open in northern massachusetts.  it brought me back to my high school years and friday nights after footballs games and school dances. 
saturday morning: scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and toast

saturday lunch: [no photo] sabretts hot dogs

saturday dinner: bbq grilled chicken, pasta salad, buttered noodles, and orange juice steamed carrots 
with strawberry pretzel salad for dessert!
sunday breakfast: pancakes and bacon 
sunday lunch: grilled cheese, tomato soup, and chicken and rice soup
and of course, lots of woodchuck hard cider in between


Enthusiastic Bookworm said...

OMG, I am so hungry now woman.

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