Monday, August 13, 2012

vermont weekend

went to okemo, killington, weston, and bromley in vermont in a 2 day span.

2 rounds of golf, the best italian food EVER, plenty of rummy, the vermont country store, and an alpine slide. 
so many hills on the golf course

day 2 of golf 

so much destruction still present from hurricane irene last summer 
old fashioned soda refrigerator with the mirrored reflection of all the maple syrup on the left side

daily sliced cheese 
lunch for the way to the alpine slide
we also bought 3 boxes of these, garden salsa and dip mix, and double chocolate and maple cheesecake mixes. what's great is that you can purchase all of it online - so check it out! you just miss out on the tons of free samples that induced us to buy all of this!

how cool is this?

really cool dam 
beautiful view from the dam


Amanda said...

Nice to meet you fellow CT-er :) This post definitely has me motivated to go to the golf course during my time off the next few weeks!

Manda said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Where in CT are you?

I myself, don't know how to golf. At all. But my Dad is an avid golfer & goes every chance he gets :)
I also love Vermont! We went there for a quick getaway and fell for it quick. :)

Meg said...

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my blog :) Are you a golfer also??

Meg said...

Hi Manda,

I'm in the Hartford area, but work all over the state for work. How about yourself??

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