Wednesday, August 22, 2012

what's in my bag: summer

i have seen these on a few different blogs, 
and i love seeing what other people carry around on a daily basis.

i'm finishing up summer camp tomorrow :( so before i transition to my fall stuff, here is a look at my current, summer bag of tricks:

top to bottom and left to right
- my keys
- single drink mixes for water bottles
- notebooks [1 for blog ideas and another for the food log i am starting]
- vera bradley wallet; discontinued but i love this one
- day planner
- lists pulled from the last few weeks [i make tons of lists for errands, changes to the camp schedule, and ideas for future golf activities]
- tide to go
- chapstick
- discontinued :( bath and body works tropical passionfruit anti-bacterial hand lotion
- ipod nano
- wintergreen altoids
- strawberry orbit gum
- random change/pens/golf tees/bobby pins
- my phone
- oakley sunglasses [similar to these]

and this bag, that totes it all, was a marshalls find


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