Saturday, August 4, 2012

i wish every week was girls week!

historically, golf hasn't really been a popular sport among young girls.  growing up, i was the only girl on an all boys high school golf team.  i went to junior tournaments where there were age divisions for boys and just an open division for girls.  but at the first tee, we are trying to change that.  we are working on a new girls golf initiative, and this past week we had our first ever "girls only" week of camp.  i was one of three female coaches, and we had 18 young ladies ages 7-14 come to camp for the week.
all the girls and coaches
playing "putting pool" with different colored golf balls and upside down buckets for pockets
free time
learning to hit sand shots
coach morgan with some campers
playing the golf course

crazy coaches
and of course learning about courtesy and etiquette on the golf course
and while our camp was going on, there was also a half day 5 & 6 year old camp - 
how cute are they?


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