Monday, August 20, 2012

the weekend of no shoes: maine

this weekend, i spent a second weekend in a row in northern new england.  however, this weekend couldn't have been more different than the last one.  vermont was filled with golf, activity, sightseeing, and excitement, while maine was relaxing, calm, filled with card games and swimming.

whereas last weekend was just mike and i, this weekend was spent at his family's cabin with his mom, sister, and friend from germany who will be here for 2 weeks [cool, huh?].

as you can tell from the title, the best part of my weekend was that i didn't put on shoes for 24 hours [except for a short hour run around the lake].  i also didn't ride in a car, watch television, or have cell service.  it was so refreshing.

i have way too many photos, so i tried to condense it as much as possible to still share all of the best parts of my mini vacation. 

day 1:
one side of the cabin 
and the other side
day 2:
feeding the ducks
relaxing on the dock
everything i needed
such clear water

after an awesome run
hitting golf balls into the lake

day 3:
mike's sister swimming
relaxing and swinging

i would have to say the only common part of both weekends was the epic food, 
but more about that tomorrow.


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