Monday, August 27, 2012

hey, i didn't know that was by them!?!

story of my night, right there.  last night, mike and i went to a doobie brothers and chicago concert. it was amazing!  however, i didn't realize before i got there how many of the awesome oldies songs i like are by the doobie brothers; hence why those words were uttered by me multiple times throughout the night.

growing up, i never listened to the current music.  my parents were all about the oldies, so i knew every word to every song, but as a 6 year old, i obviously didn't know the artists.  i didn't listen to popular music until third grade, when i was introduced to my first pop love - the spice girls.

obviously, i had a great time.  i love oldies concerts!  my first ever concert when i was 5 was crosby, stills & nash, and since then, over the years i have seen the beach boys, elton john, billy joel, but the best was billy joel and elton john together - hearing them sing each other's songs together was just wow!  i love when bands sing together, so obviously i loved the encore at last night's show!

sweet strawberry margarita in my new guitar glass!
encore - both bands: 17 people on stage


Jenny said...

Ahhh, lucky you! Chicago is one of my favourite bands!! I love the Doobie Brothers too! I was the same, my parents always listened to Oldies (50's & 60's) music, so I pretty much know all the lyrics to all the radio songs of those times.

xo Jenny

Amanda said...

Ahhh this looks like so much fun! I'm glad tha you had a great time at Chicago :)

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