Monday, July 2, 2012

this weekend, i tried...

a new drink: freeze and squeeze frozen cocktails.  my roommate came home with one of these a few nights ago, and when mike and i went to the packie on saturday, i saw them all over the store.  i got three: mango margarita, white zinfandel strawberry, and frozen lemonade.  personally, my favorite is the strawberry wine one.  they all taste exactly like they sound and are all about 5% alcohol.  at $2 a piece, it's a really nice summer drink!

to be mrs. fields: cookie cake.  saturday was mike's sister's birthday.  we didn't know she was coming home from boston, so i had to whip up something quickly.  i love mrs. fields cookie cakes, so a ghiradelli chocolate chip cookie cake with chocolate frosting sounded perfect.

a great new candy bar: crunch girl scout cookie flavors.  when leah at the sweet treat reported this a couple months back, i was so excited, and a bit skeptical.  i thought they would be good, but i wasn't quite sure if they would have that perfect girl scout flavor.  boy, was i wrong.  i bought a caramel & coconut bar and a thin mint bar.  the first one mike and i tried was caramel & coconut aka samoa, and although the consistency was not the same, obviously, it was an EXACT replica taste-wise.  the thin mint was just as good too!

the best/most deadly store ever: five below.  i have been looking for an inexpensive place to purchase some supplies for summer golf camp.  i saw hula hoops and noodles outside this store when mike and i went to michael's to buy frames, so we decided to stop in.  oh my gosh is it amazing.  their website does not do it justice, but if there is one near you, you definitely need to go.  mike and i bought a bunch of stuff including tiki torches for our patio, some fun summer games, and carnival food, and then i went back today [and spent $140] for all the supplies for summer camp and three sites of summer golf lessons.  this store will be even worse for my bank account than dollar stores.  
4th of july flip flops 
4th of july door decor, tiki torches [in the garage], and finally-blooming lilies!
hula hoops, noodles, cones, frisbees, jump ropes, catch games, and water balloons for camp


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