Sunday, July 1, 2012

july 1 diy update

so it has been a week or so since i posted my "before" and went full on into my bathroom project.  it has been a little complicated so far [and mike has been a wonderful helper], but i have tried to keep my pledge to be the lead on the project.

here is where my list is so far: 

rundown of updates:
- tear down wallpaper - CHECK! except it wasn't quite as easy as i showed in the video, we pulled some extra layers off in places, so some mudding/sanding will have to be done [so i will add that to the list]
- mud/sand walls
- repaint walls
- repaint cabinet and drawers under sink - CHECK! eurolinen by behr
- new hardware for cabinets, drawers, etc. - CHECK! brushed nickel pieces
- clean and line all the drawers - CHECK! plus i cleaned all the junk out of the drawers
- repaint radiator - CHECK! informal ivory, like the rest of the house
- re-grout tiling around the room - everything outside the tub is done, i just ran out of the grout, so a half check
- re-caulk the bathtub
- new light fixture above the sink

above the sink before 
below the sink before - that liner reeeally needed to be replaced
new liners! and cleaner!
no more wallpaper, and the cabinet doors ready to go back on
cabinet is done 

working on the grout
grout before...
and grout after!

we have also done a few other projects since the last update:

living room:
hint of the change in the living room: leah sent us more nerf. god is that girl amazing!
the before 
part of the after...
we hung some art!
finally found the perfect spot for the amazing present adria sent us last christmas;
the kitty looks just like our roxy!
3 guys and a girl living together - yup, the built ins turn into the nerf shelves!

dining room:

now we have a side board and china cabinet from mike's family!
how beautiful are these pieces?

spare upstairs bedroom:
walls and radiator repainted.
pale daffodil on the walls

next projects:
- more hanging photos/artwork [we loved the way the framed art looks hanging in the living room, so we will be adding some to the stairs and upstairs hallway.  our previous roommate and the girlfriend he painted the room with had a great idea; they framed some of the wallpaper on the wall before they painted over it, so we copied that idea and will be hanging some of the wallpaper we saved in the upstairs hallways.]
- clean the breezeway [still has christmas decorations in it - whoops!]
- continue work on the upstairs bathroom
- [eventually,] finish painting the basement

wallpaper in fancy frames! 
for some roommate photos from the past 2.5 years 
can't wait to spice this up!
for those of you who read this entire post, wow, congratulations!  i'm sorry this post was so long.  we either need to work slower or i need to update more.  i like our current pace, so i'll work on the posting!


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