Saturday, July 14, 2012

what a coat of paint can do: diy week 3

oh boy, it's been three weeks since my initial video, two weeks since i finished the cabinets and stripped the wallpaper, and a week since i finished grouting.  now, i am closer than ever to finishing my list!

rundown of updates:
7/1 - tear down wallpaper - CHECK! except it wasn't quite as easy as i showed in the video, we pulled some extra layers off in places, so some mudding/sanding will have to be done [so i will add that to the list]
- mud/sand walls - CHECK! mike did an amazing job!!!
- repaint walls - CHECK! we decided to go with a bit darker color "traditional" than originally chosen so it wouldn't clash with the window or tiling
7/1 - repaint cabinet and drawers under sink - CHECK! eurolinen by behr
7/1 - new hardware for cabinets, drawers, etc. - CHECK! brushed nickel pieces
7/1 - clean and line all the drawers - CHECK! plus i cleaned all the junk out of the drawers
7/1 - repaint radiator - CHECK! informal ivory, like the rest of the house
- re-grout tiling around the room - CHECK! finished the tub last week!
- re-caulk the bathtub
- new light fixture above the sink - CHECK! another thank you to mike!
- make and install curtain for window

so, as you can see, all i need to do is caulk the line of the tile and paint around the room as well as have mike help me make a curtain for the room.

went with "traditional"
all mudded and sanded
last remaining wallpaper in the house - the bathroom ceiling. i think we'll keep it
new paint drying
getting ready for the light fixture
lovely and sophisticated 

and new bath mats!


Becky said...

It's looking great and it's definitely come a long way! Congrats on the remodel :)

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