Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Gift Giving: American Girls on Etsy

Can I even tell you how excited I am that Mike's goddaughter is getting to American Girls?!  I looove my American Girls - I had Felicity and Molly.  They came everywhere with me.  Sometimes I even think that reading their books and playing with them was one of the reasons I became a history major.  I just fell in love with their stories!
Oh yeah, that's a #TBT for you right there!

Now, over 15 years later, I am so happy to get to buy little dresses and accessories for another little fan.  I remember going to craft fairs with my mom when I was little and looking at all of the cute and homemade American Girl dresses.  Now, with Etsy, that shopping is even easier!  I found four great stores [among many] that specialize in American Girl-style doll clothes.  Check them out:
1. Dresses for Dolls has dresses for every occasion.  In Lynn's store now are tons of Christmas dresses, but also unique styles for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, birthdays - even Disney Princess themed!

2. Linda and Company makes the most adorable doll and little girl matching headbands.  And how well do these match the dress I found?

3. MamasTwinsees specializes in doll pajames.  Most of them are the softest flannel ever - I want some for myself!

4. Style Stitches has "everyday" clothes for dolls.  I thought it would be fun to mix and match some tops and bottoms so Mike's goddaughter could dress her doll however she wants.  Half the fun is just changing outfits on your doll!

Here's a closer look at some of the patterns:

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas Series:

Also, congratulations to Allison [and Avonlea] on winning my C Sister Bands giveaway!! I will email you later today with the details!


Kristina said...

Oh how fun!!!! Just thinking of having a girl makes me think of girls dolls all over the house and i'm so excited!

Nichole @ said...

I didn't even know they still made! I used to LOVE mine :)

Jen said...

I think American Girls are amazing! So glad to see them still being enjoyed.

Patty said...

SO cute!!! Can't wait for my little one to get into American girls!! Love the outfits you got!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I had Molly and Felicity too!!

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