Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Gift Giving: Diamond Candles

Next on my holiday gift giving ideas list is a gift great for any lady in your life: Diamond Candles!  I heard about this site recently and fell in love with it.  Mike and I have a slight candle obsession... more about that in another blog post.

And, on top of that, who doesn't like surprises?  About 15 hours into burning your Diamond Candle, you'll find a little gold foil pouch hidden in the soy wax.  After you pull it out with tweezers and unwrap it, you have a beautiful ring to wear!  Make sure to check the band - if it has '14k' written on the side, it's worth $100 or more!

Now I've got you hooked right?  Onto the important part: how to buy.  Use this special link to enter the site, select your favorite scent, and enter DEAL3J45 you get $10 off your first candle at checkout!  Order today and you can have your candle by Christmas!

What's also really fun is that their scents are changing constantly, so scoop one you like up now, or check back regularly for additional scents.  Here's the one I chose:
Cinnamon pinecone

2013 Holiday Gift Giving:


Amanda @ Mandaloves Blog said...

That's so fun!!!!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I'm crazy about candle smells - I like them to be strong and carry. How are the scents on these?

Heather @ From Here to There said...

I love my diamond candle!! I got one for free to do a review, but I need to purchase one! I'd like to get a holiday scent! :)

Katie Elizabeth said...

Diamonds in a candle?! How have I never heard of this! I'm candle obsessed! Heading over to the website now!

Jen said...

I have always wanted to get one!!

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