Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Gift Giving: Ebates

In case you didn't see last Wednesday's intro post about my December series on Holiday Gift Giving, you can check that out here.  There's also a giveaway ending later today in that post - don't miss out!

Today's post is all about cash.  If one giveaway isn't enough for you, check out this one FOR CASH that I'm hosting with my fellow Northeast Blogger reps.

Now onto today's thought: Have you heard of Ebates before?  I had, but only in the background as I checked my Twitter feed during tv commercials.  How did I not pay attention in the past?  I guess I'm a pessimistic person and assumed all "free money" is a scam, but I swear, this one is not!  You really can get cash back just by shopping online like you normally do.  All you have to do is sign up and search for your favorite website through the Ebates website.  The shopping websites [I've used The Knot and American Eagle], look exactly the same - so much so that I wasn't sure if I was doing it right!  I received my first check for $16 last week in the mail - holiday spending money right there!

One awesome bonus is that in addition to cash back, when you create an account, you are asked what you want for your introductory gift card.  About a week after making my first purchase, I got this $10 Target gift card in the mail!

If you would like to join Ebates, comment below and I will send you an invite!  Once you make your first purchase, you will receive your $10 bonus and have the option to invite friends to make even more cash!


Anonymous said...

Can you send me an invite? My email is! Thanks!!!

Angi said...

I love Ebates! I used it for everything I possibly could this year, haha.

Sandra said...

Great post, i have been using a similar site called They happened to have more stores

I love getting cash back every time i shop online

Jen said...

Ebates is awesome! I definitely love the site.

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