Monday, December 30, 2013

The Perfect Winter Weekend

I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful my long weekend was.  For the second time in two and a half months, I traveled to Camp Calumet in New Hampshire with Mike's family.  You might remember that I went with Mike's immediate family to bring his mother's ashes to their memorial chapel, and this time, we returned back, as an extended family, to simply spend time together, without the distraction of the 21st century, in this beautiful place.  We got there just after lunch time on Friday afternoon and came back last night.  There were a total of 17 family members, and we all stayed in the camp's Winter Lodge together playing cards and games, telling family stories, playing frisbee golf, and, of course, climbing Jackman's Ridge and just playing in the snow.

beautiful drive up

where we stayed for the weekend

Mike and my bunk

view from our bedroom

 a walk to the lake at sunset

 and a visit to the memorial chapel

 morning frisbee golf around camp

 family hike up to the memorial chapel

and the rest of the way up the trail

instead of taking the photo on the right back down, Mike, his cousin, and I trail blazed down the mountain!

most importantly, we beat everyone else to the toboggan hill

 future cousin fun!

morning church service

relaxing and reading

And last but not least, all weekend wouldn't be a family vacation without games... tons and tons of games!
Cribbage /// Cranium
The Logo Game /// Ping Pong

I hope you all had a great weekend!!! 
What's your favorite thing to do with family?  Are you game people like us?!
Are you lucky like me and don't have to work until Thursday? [Sorry, Mike!]

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Kristina said...

Looks like so much fun! What a beautiful location!!! Reminds me of a Hallmark Christmas movie. Ugh. I'm back at work today. Although I really wish baby would arrive. We are in for a killer snow storm again this week. Boo!

Jamie said...

Ahh! Look at all that snow!

Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

Love the little winter lodge, looks so inviting and cozy! I've always wanted to go snow tubing, but I've never been!

Fran said...

That looks like so much fun!

Alex said...

Meg, love that you guys play cribbage! One of my favorite games!

- Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

Nikki said...

Sounds like it was a awesome weekend! I think it is so important to disconnect from the 21st century every now and again! I know we make it a point to shut off our phone or at least silent them while we eat dinner together ever night without fail!

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