Monday, March 12, 2012

iiiiit's golf season

like i referred to in my last post, last week was golf crazy.  well, i guess since i work for a golf non-profit there's always an excess of golf talk, golf events, golf planning, golf registering, but seriously, this week was golf CRAZY.

i am now back to the office full-time since our winter in-school programs are over.  it feels nice to be back at my desk, and there are plenty of new things to keep me busy.  our new building is in full swing, and i went over there a few times this week to check it out and get some things ready.  we also had the connecticut golf show this weekend, so between thursday and sunday, i spent almost 20 hours in hartford.  it was very fun; we introduced a lot of people to our program and hope to maybe get some participants and even volunteers for this summer.  mike spent saturday there with me and he [and i] even bought some great new golf stuff including clothes, a wedge, rounds at a private club, golf balls, spikes, and a fun new golf game [photos below]! 

our new building [that will be ready this summer!!!] next to our old building [errr, trailer] 
it was windyyyyy and cold... i look silly
our booth at the show! 
chipping marshmallows for prizes
my favorite life skills the kids learn: meeting and greeting
our new golf game: golfing in the living room? 
roxy liked it?
no, roxy loved it.
how funny is this?
oh, and this week doesn't look much less golfy... going to practice tonight with the new PINK driver mike made me, and then getting fitted for a fairway wood tomorrow. to top it all off, i am going to phoenix in two weeks for work (aka golf) training. stokeddddd.

i hope everyone's weeks are shaping up to be great!


Mike said...

Wabbit season!

Becky said...

You had a PINK driver made for you? That's so sweet!

Mike C said...

If you can set up a game where I can chip a marshmallow through a fire and onto a bar of chocolate between two graham crackers, I'm there. My golf skills aren't that great, but my s'more making skills are unparalleled.

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