Friday, March 30, 2012

we have a bar!

before mike and dave's birthday, the boys decided they wanted to officially finish our basement.  we have de-wallpapered, primed, stained, molded, and fixed the two upper floors of the house but the basement has always just kind of sat there.  and what's better to do with a basement then build a bar???

it was finished right before the guys' party, but i have neglected this post like crazy.  i finally got the pictures together and decided to share.  i'd have to say... we're pretty proud of our bar!

sorry i didn't get too many early-stages pictures, i neglected that too.
the bar side with the walls painted, moulding up, and bar frame put together
the unfinished side of the basement with all the white moulding torn off; in total chaos like always haha
jeff planing the 2x3 lagged boards for the bar top
grinding the ends of the lag bolts off
the bar with foam and felt stapled on
finished bar!
pretty nice stock!
proud of ourselves :)

and now roxy loves to hang out with us downstairs too! (you can also see where the painting stopped)

now what do we do with the other half of the basement??? [2nd photo]


Becky said...

You guys should be proud of yourselves, it looks like you put a lot of work into this! The bar looks really nice :)

Domesticated Duchess said...

Wow! Looks great, like the DIY shows! Very impressive

Chanel said...

let's the games and fun time roll!

Meg said...

thanks so much, we are pretty proud :)

Meg said...

thank you!!! i have always hoped that one of the random times we go to home depot they'll pick us for room crashers! lol

Ellen's Cakes said...

Holy moly that looks awesome! Just saw this post from 20sb, are you a bartender? You have such an awesome collection of bar stuff and glasses, totally jealous!

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