Saturday, September 8, 2012

excitement and the big move!

what a couple of days!!

i just woke up from a wonderful nap after today's uconn vs north carolina state football game [uconn lost 10-7].  the game was at noon, so the tailgate started promptly at 7:30 am.  a couple of my friends who also work in the golf industry in CT and went to NC state joined us for the game -- it was great!  i love morning games because there is even more food than usual.  today we had breakfast burritos [my personal favorite] of scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese, "chicken on a stick" marinated in italian dressing, and sausage and peppers; not to mention all of the cupcakes, chips, salsa, and other goodies.
mimosas, burritos, and jello shots... saturday morning breakfast of champions
mike and me [boy, it was early] 
uconn vs. nc state flip cup -- hey, at least we won this game! 
ct golf family... and mike's photobomb
now for the real reason i needed that nap: our office and new learning center is officially moved!  it took from 7 am until 10 pm yesterday, but it's done for the most part.
way too many happy faces on my coffee at 6 am
trying to be inspirational -- this was the site plan from 2007 and the site is finally done!
a mid-morning look at the chaos that was our office as well as the overall floor plan of our building

10 pm, all set up!
common office space; back storage room
downstairs classroom; putting green and simulator
my desk area

and a better look at my desk...

and i got my desk all together even with a 3 hour break to teach some lessons.  even as my coworkers were moving, we had our first class inside the building for a contest at the end of class.

and after all of that, i rewarded myself with a little fun on the simulator.  mike and i played this fun game [that he was better at] where you try and hit windows on the screen!


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