Friday, September 14, 2012

so i did a bad thing...

... i went window shopping.  this never ends well. 

maybe it's because my current kitchen is the only room in my house i am not obsessed with, or maybe it's because i love cooking, baking, and every kitchen gadget ever, but in either case, i always imagine my dream kitchen.

i had a little time to spare before work today, so i stopped at kohl's.  they have my favorite selection of kitchen stuff!  what i REALLY want is a kitchenaid stand mixer, but i don't want to get one until i know the color of my future kitchen - silly, right? but there are so many colors, so i'll wait a couple more years to get the perfect one :)

here are a few photos from my trip to kohl's:
cake pop makers, donut makers, waffle stick makers, pancake makers, cupcake makers galore!!
and i love keurigs almost as much as kitchenaids
as you can tell from these appliances and the paint in our current house, we love color!!! 

so, after much deliberation, i think i want an aqua sky stand mixer (second one on the page).  

now here are a few photos of my dream kitchen based on that lovely kitchenaid:

i really like the layout and style of this first kitchen.  i love the kitchen island with seating, stainless appliances, and desk on the side (that i would use for cupcake decorating).  
i would just want to add some of these turquoise accents to it, maybe turquoise island seating, turquoise plates or mugs in see-through storage, a turquoise backsplash or paint accents, and of course my dream stand-mixer [with another possible appliance to match -- this is my dream, right?].
now i have even more reason to save money to make this happen in my next fixer-upper.  maybe i'll take some tips from gabbi over at retro ranch reno who made my dream a reality!  


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