Monday, September 10, 2012

so college

why, you ask?  today was spent doing a lot of decorating.  on friday my coworkers and i set up the bare bones of our offices, but today was spent making them pretty.  throughout much of the morning i walked around from office to office and cubicle to cubicle checking out how my coworkers decorated and organized their spaces.  

i remember doing this each year during the first week of college.  everyone kept their doors open, and we all walked up and down the halls admiring everyone's dorm rooms.

we also had our cable installed today [we didn't have a tv in our old office], so we had that on all day.  needless to say, not a lot of real productivity, but i still did get a lot done.
watching some golf reruns while catching up on emails;
downstairs in classroom while waiting on hold with the cable company [gotta love the 70"er]
got a beautiful edible arrangement from our construction firm - the chocolate covered apples were THE BEST 
returned to the old office to get my 19 voicemails from the weekend... needless to say the only thing yet to transition is our phone system.

 and now i have a day off tomorrow... maybe i'll do some baking since it's been a while since i did that!


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