Tuesday, September 4, 2012

it's moving week!

my blogging will probably be sporadic [or photo only] this week as my office moves down the road to our beautiful new building.  i am the moving coordinator, so i spent all last week making phone calls to move all of our utilities over and this week will be spent doing a lot of packing and some heavy lifting.

downside? taking endless trips back and forth from one office to another.  upside? getting to wear sweats to work all week.  i think the upside wins.
our old, overcrowded, cluttered office 
new, empty building ready to go
the downstairs programming area
color-coordinated rooms, ready to pack

you can see how small our old building [well, trailer] was here... obviously we didn't have our offices here too, so that will be really convenient.

new vs. old on the hill


Amanda said...

The upside definitely wins on this one! Good luck with the move :)

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