Tuesday, September 18, 2012

top 10 of my day off

10 trips to stack firewood
9 ingredient rocky road cookies
8 trash cans emptied
7 slices of american cheese and
6 slices of buttered bread for grilled cheese lunch with my love
5 episodes of how i met your mother watched 
[in preparation for the new season next week!]
4 stove burners scrubbed
3 miles run
2 new manicures 
[my roommate and i both got purple nails!]
1 awesome power outage 
[there are crazy winds and rain in the northeast today, so the power went out for a while tonight.  not going to lie, it was great.  my roommates and i haven't had a lot of time to spend together lately, so, like we've done during the last few power outages, we walked a few miles around our neighborhood seeing where the outages stretched.  i loved it; we always enjoy each other's company when we have the time!]

ready for grilled cheese!
our backyard fire pit with my nicely stacked wood in the background

recipe to follow!


Diana said...

Great photos! I really like your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

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