Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blinding Nemo: Snowpocalypse '13

Alright, well Connecticut survived Nemo last night - but we did get a total of 28 inches!  Luckily, we didn't lose power, but my parents are still without it in RI [luckily, they have a wood stove, so at least they have heat].

I had the day off from work on Friday, so I spent the day inside, watching the snow slowly starting to fall while watching movies.  Once the sun went down, we obviously played around outside and took a few walks through our neighborhood.  We borrowed Mike's parents' snowblower to do a first pass of the driveway and sidewalk, and we drank lots of hot cocoa where the fluff to cocoa ratio was about 2:1.  The night ended with more fun outside, a couple big glasses of moscato, and some great conversation.  

This probably sounds silly, but I love big storms because they really bring us close together as a little roommate family.  Even though the power didn't go out this time, we still have spent more time than we usually do together over the past 2 days.  

Today, we woke up early and played in the snow.  The boys spent much of the day shoveling on and off.  [We didn't get the snowblower today because Mike's parents [who live a mile and a half away] are literally stuck in their neighborhood.  In between shoveling, I got to play with my roommate's crossbow [thought of you, Angi] and jumped head-first into way too many snow piles from the roofs of cars and picnic tables. Once the driving ban was lifted this afternoon, we also went for a drive around town and found how little has been plowed and how much was stuff closed.  To warm up, we watched Cool Runnings and are now ending the night with Who Framed Roger Rabbit. 

Tomorrow will be much of the same including snowboarding off the roof and some CrockPot bbq pulled chicken which I am very excited about!  We will see if we all have work on Monday, but as it stands now, we are sort of stuck within a few miles around our house.  There just isn't anywhere to put the snow.

Now onto far too many photos of our snowventures last night and today [mostly for those of you in warm climates who are missing out aka those of you I'm jealous of haha].  
We found a chair on the side of the road - that's me on the bottom.
That's a Toyota under there...


Jen said...

bahahaha! You guys are awesome! Snowboarding off the roof??? Ya'll are brave.

Adria said...

Love it! I wish we could have experienced that... I love storms too!

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