Monday, February 4, 2013

Mike's Queso Dip [Chili's Copycat Recipe]

Mike is obsessed with this dip!  Every time we go out to Chili's, the only two definites are this dip and a chocolate molten lava cake to go.  Here's a great copycat recipe he makes in the CrockPot.  I'm sorry, I realized I didn't get an "after" photo, so I stole this from Chili's website.
- Half pound of ground beef [80/20 preferably]
- 1 pound Velveeta
- 3/4 package Old El Paso taco seasoning
- 8 oz jar of Ortega Original taco sauce
- 1/2 can of Hunt's tomato sauce [small 8 oz can]

- Brown the hamburger and drain it.
- Mix all ingredients in CrockPot.
- Cook on high for 90 minutes.
- Turn heat to low for serving.

Here are also a few photos from our Super Bowl party last night.  We had three courses and three parties.  I swear, in our next house, we NEED an open concept main floor so we don't have to separate into the dining room and basement!  Everything we had last night is on this list except for a buffalo chicken dip Mike's cousin brought.  It was my absolute favorite and I will get that recipe soon to post!
dips & chips, cheese & crackers /// pepperoni bread, Wings Over [honey bbq, of course], baked ziti

Devil dog and birthday cupcake tower for dessert

dining room card party

living room viewing party

basement bar viewing party

I have to say that I did enjoy the Super Bowl.  My favorite commercial was the baby clydesdale Budweiser one for sure!  And, of course, congrats to the Ravens!

Also, there is less than a day left to enter my giveaway!  Don't forget!


Jen said...

Oh the baby clydesdale commercial was one of my favorites! :) Everything looks delicious especially those cupcakes.

Kristin said...

Pinned this! Looks tasty!

I'll Love You Forever said...

That looks delicious!!

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