Monday, April 2, 2012

pinterest day 2: waterfall braid

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day 2: waterfall braid from "my style" board

waterfall braid

i am not great at hairstyles so my hair is usually simply down with a headband or up in a ponytail, but i love this one!

here is my early morning attempt:  

before: with blow dried hair 
after: the front (i pinned the left side up so it was out of my face for work)
after: the back
and close up
my hair isn't as thick as abby's, but i think it looks good and it only took 5 minutes!


Ellen's Cakes said...

Oh wow I actually saw a youtube video of this like a month ago! You did it so well :) I am so jealous because I am terrible doing anything with my hair haha
Well done :)

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