Tuesday, December 4, 2012


[My pathetic attempt at instagram + vacation. Alright, just ignore that and keep reading.... please?]

A few days into vacation and loving it... except for one thing.  In our first condo, the people two floors below us smoked CONSTANTLY.  I usually don't mind smoke too much; two of our roommates smoke occasionally [but only outside] at home.  BUT there are beautiful screened-in lanais here, and we loved sleeping with the doors open the first night... until the smoke smell came in at 6:30 am.  Well, now we have a new room - and the layout is COMPLETELY opposite of the other one haha.  Remember that video I showed Sunday?  Well it's reversed now.
top is our "new" room view and bottom is our "old" one

Yeah, I wasn't kidding about coming here for like 20 years - same resort and everything.

Lovely waterfall view from the pool.

Top: Played mini golf yesterday; I won, but Mike got a free game for getting a hole-in-one on the hole-of-the-day
Bottom: We both started with holes-in-one on the first hole; so far I had the score of the day; and how awesome is that inflatable chair?!?

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Tarabelle said...

Beautiful! Were are you?



ChatterBlossom said...

Yay for vaction!! Lookin' fun so far!

I'm having a blog hop right now and you should come get in on some of that love. ;-)

Jen said...

Gorgeous!! My husband and I love to play miniature golf...every time we went to Myrtle Beach we played at least 3 times a day haha. :)

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