Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vacation! We're here!

Well, we made it!  We are officially on vacation!  

We went from snowing/30 degrees yesterday morning in Hartford to sunny/80 degrees here in Naples, Florida last night.  Oh my gosh, it is wonderful.  

Mike and I are having a great time so far!  We had our car upgraded [because they didn't have any more standard cars] and our room upgraded.

My parents and I came to this same resort every February vacation when I was growing up, so I know it well.  We will be spending our time at the pool, beach, on the golf course [playing and watching because there is a PGA tournament here at the end of the week], shopping, and of course eating.  I LOVE Naples for the food.  The seafood, dessert shops, even burger places and supermarkets [Publix!!!] are amazing.

The only downside, I guess??, is that the internet is spotty.  There is wireless in the lobby [absolute other side of the resort], and at the pool [in the middle of this cute island that the condos surround].  So, I apologize, but there were only be a few scheduled posts this week.  But don't worry, they will be Christmas-themed!!  Now that it's December 2nd, I'm loving all the acceptable Christmas posts on so many blogs.  I also hope to catch up on all of them when I can!

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!  I'll leave you with a couple of photos I've taken so far - and a video I made for my friends back home, but check out where we're staying if you're interested.
the lovely view from our condo

Christmas lights + palm trees. Nothing is more beautiful.

Enjoying a lovely breakfast on the lanai, blogging this post which will be published when I bring my computer to the lobby.  Best part of breakfast? The most amazing Florida grapefruit juice ever!

Where we're staying!


Jen said...

I'm jealous!! :) I hope you have an amazing vacation!!

Sarah said...

Hi Meg! So jealous you are in such great weather now. It's unusually warm up here in Ohio, but I'd rather be soaking up the sun in Naples! Have a great rest of your trip!

Laura Darling said...

Enjoy your trip!! Looks beautiful! Jealous of the warm weather and sunshine!!

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