Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa Lucia Day, Christmas, and Hanukkah

Little break from sharing about my trip to let you in on a few things I'm very excited about right now...

First and most importantly - Happy Santa Lucia Day! 

THANK YOU to Heather at From Here to There for my first Liebster Award, so I will be posting my question/answers/tags in the coming days.  Be on the lookout for that!

I'm also guest posting on Kristin's kNook today - so take a look over there for some of my very favorite Christmas things.  There are a few tutorials including one to make ornaments:
Roxy and Merp's paw-prints

To help you get a little more into the holiday spirit, here's a fun game of Where's Waldo... well sort of.  Can you spot what's new/added between the photo below and this? [The photos from 2012 to be exact.]
Did you see it? Look harder...

Look what we found when we returned from vacation! 
A polar bear and Rudolph hand-me-down from our roommate's parents.
As soon as I saw our new decorations, I immediately got back into the holiday spirit.  [I have to admit, even though the palm trees and buildings were decorated in Florida, not seeing your own Christmas tree and decorations every day, in addition to not listening to much Christmas music, takes you a little out of the holiday spirit.]

I wrapped and sent out our first Christmas presents of the year.  They need to get all the way to Adria in Germany, so I made sure to give them plenty of time... I hope.
Roxy approved.

I wrote out ALL of our Christmas cards too!  I can't wait to share them with you, but I am going to borrow Patty's idea of waiting on that until most of my friends/family receive them.  I only used Walmart this year.  They are kind-of joke cards, so I thought 28 cents per card [including envelopes] was the right deal for me.
I'm also very excited to get into more into the holiday spirit today.  My coworker celebrates Hanukkah and is making us latkes for lunch!

Happy Thursday!


Sarah said...

Love the paw prints!

Christine said...

Do I see Disney Princess wrapping paper? I love it!

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