Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

You know that movie Four Christmases?  Well, that's me and Mike.  Our families live just close enough where we can manage to see both families, but just far enough away where we spend a lot of time driving over the next couple of days.  I actually, really enjoy it, though, because Mike and I get to spend a lot of time looking at decorations as we drive clear across the state.

1. Roommate Christmas [Santa came for us last night because we can't all be together tomorrow - I had to fill out a lot of paperwork to make that happen.]
2. Mike's church [Christmas Eve service and dinner with his parents and their friends from church]
3. Rhode Island [Christmas Eve midnight mass and waking up with my parents to give gifts and have dinner]
4. Mike's family [Christmas Day late 2nd dinner and Yankee Swap]
5. Mike's parents [Back to Hartford to open presents with his parents, sister, and her boyfriend]

Alright, so that was 5 Christmases [and 4 hours of driving in less than 24 hours] - my bad. 

Before I show you my favorite Christmas-prep photos, I just want to wish you ALL a VERY, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you all enjoy time with family, filled with fun, food, and festive-ness :)

Christmas mantles, roommate presents, and family presents

ugly sweater party!

Our Christmas inspiration... and where we get our hand-me-downs.  Here's our display, in case you forgot.

And my day yesterday: Christmas movies and I did my nails [you finally all convinced me to give it a try]

And like I said, Santa came last night for us! Can't wait to open them all when our last roommate gets home from work!

Linking up [early] [and for the last time] with Jane for insta-Tuesday!
Thanks, Jane, for hosting this great link-up over the last year.


Jen said...

I love your nails!! :) Have a very Merry Christmas sweet friend!

Megan said...

Love all the stockings! They're way better than presents, in my opinion. :) Happy Holidays!

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