Friday, December 21, 2012

winter gift exchange reveal

First of all, THANK YOU to Allie and Melissa for arranging this great swap.  Giving to a fellow blogger as well as to charity was a fabulous idea!
This swap was also fun and different because it was more like a round-robin.  I gave to Kristina and received from Allana.

Now here's for the moment you've been waiting for!  Three words: PotteryBarn, Lenox, and Wilton? Yeah, that's a holiday home run in my book.  Thank you, Allana!

a lovely Lenox ornament

a beautiful PotteryBarn frame

and Wilton gingerbread!

What I also loved about this swap was doing something charitable.  For my charitable act, I chose to send a box of toys and gifts to Hasbro Children's Hospital in Rhode Island.  The reason I chose this charity was because ten years ago, on my 14th birthday, one of my friends lost his battle to cancer.  Adam was an amazing kid.  I met him in middle school and we became close friends when we were "dating" a boy and a girl that were cousins.  The four of us had a great time together.  Adam was always a fighter, and I have been thinking about him a lot since October [the 10th anniversary of his death].  I hope the children at Hasbro have a very merry Christmas this year.

Here's a teeny-tiny preview of what I sent Kristina - I especially enjoyed shopping for her in Florida!

I think I'm turning into a swap-a-holic.  I already sent out my next "bling" swap gift to Cindy [a swap that Allana is actually co-hosting with Allie] and can't wait to share that one too! 


Kristina said...

I loved all my goodies!!!! The air freshener smells so lovely! I love all the stuff you sent to the Hasbro Children's Hospital!

Anonymous said...

I love the gifts you got from Allana, it looks like they brought a lot of holiday cheer to your home, and that frame is beautiful! I’m so sorry to hear about your friend, I’m sure he would be so touched that you helped out some kids going through similar situations in his memory. I’m sure those gifts will make the kids there so happy this season!

On a separate note, I may have to start a swapaholic anonymous group in 2013, I’ll let you know ;). Thank you so much for participating, have a beautiful holiday season!

Melissa Boo said...

That's a beautiful frame. Thanks for participating in this swap with us.

Jen said...

Love love what you got! :)

Rima said...

that ornament is so pretty!!!

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