Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the adventures of roxy: part 2

as i have said in the past, roxy loooooves the roof. she is a total indoor cat, so much so if i put her anywhere in our front lawn, she will sprint as fast as possible to the garage or breezeway door and wait patiently outside until i let her inside.

but the roof is another story. everyday when i get home from work, she runs up the stairs, into my room, and proceeds to bang her head against the window until i open it and let her out.

here she was yesterday... in 35 degree new england weather.

funniest part: being an indoor cat she doesn't understand the wind. yesterday was especially windy and she looked totally cross-eyed trying to figure out what was going on... but she still didn't want to come inside.

aaaaand after a year of having a fish tank, she has discovered the fish. took you long enough, rox! now let's see how this goes. 


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