Thursday, February 23, 2012

what a lunch break

so today i went to the adult version of chuck e cheese. and i'm not joking.  it's called stew leonard's, and wow did they have a lot of food there.  my coworkers and i went to check it out to possibly have a fundraising event there, and we walked around aimlessly for a good half an hour.  this is not your typical grocery store.

here are a few photos from my adventures.  after looking at these, you will understand the chuck e cheese reference.

right as you walked in, these cartons sang every 15 minutes... you can't tell me if doesn't remind you of this 
that guy in the boar's head truck was mechanical and told customers how awesome the meat is
singing... cheese curd? 


Anonymous said...

You had me at mac 'n' cheese bar. Holy crap.

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